Improved sales and customer service with real-time customer interaction.

Lekane began its operations in 2007 with a mission to improve the sales process efficiency and the customer’ experience. Lekane Dialogue has been designed to improve sales and customer experience online.

The cooperation between Lekane and Dyme Solutions began when Lekane was searching for a solution for its acute need for experts. The company considered several options to solve the situation, and finally, they turned to the Pori-based company Dyme Solutions on the recommendation of a friend. Already at their first meeting, both parties realised that they had a clear understanding of Lekane’s needs and a similar way of doing things.

We have collaborated with Lekane since the early days of Dyme Solutions. We have been involved in Lekane’s operations for many years. We have supported them in various customer projects, implemented independent chat integration projects for their customer service centre systems, and been involved in improving their software development processes.

“Even though Dyme is a relatively young company, their team consists of experienced professionals. They have collected battle scars from various places. They have already gained a lot of experience from different places. In addition to experience and skill, we also appreciate the fact that we have a similar way of doing and talking about things.”


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