Nuorisopassi is the most widely used discount and benefit application for youth in Finland. The aim is to encourage youth’s participation in leisure and recreational activities.

Nuorisopassi is a smartphone-based activity pass developed by Dyme Solutions and the City of Pori to encourage young people’s participation in leisure and recreational activities.

The cooperation began when the City of Pori wanted to update their cardboard activity pass by making it into an electronic version. The city’s ICT Department consulted Dyme Solutions during the pilot phase, and Dyme offered a solution which the city decided to implement.

The pilot resulted in the Nuorisopassi, which provides cities, municipalities and other actors with an efficient way to provide sporting and cultural benefits to young people. The user-friendly service consists of a cloud-based web application and a modern mobile application that can be downloaded onto a mobile phone. The service can be used, for example, to offer free access to swimming pools or gyms, or to offer movie and bus tickets.

“We wanted to turn the cardboard activity pass into an electronic version, and we asked Dyme Solutions to help us do that. Nuorisopassi has provided a desirable solution, and much more. It’s a source of pride to us! We were positively surprised by how Dyme’s relatively small team was able to provide such high-quality service with agility and reliability. Size is not always a guarantee of quality.”

City of Pori, Director, ICT Department

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